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ACERT2PASS, Driving Instructors Bangor Newtownards Ards peninsula North Down. Driving Lessons Bangor Newtownards Ards peninsula North Down. Driving Lessons Bangor Newtownards Ards peninsula North Down. Driving Instructor Bangor Newtownards Ards peninsula North Down.
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Welcome to our HALL OF FAME
Below is a list of pupils who have recentlyjoined the"R" Club.
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November 2013
Clare, Six Road Ends
Gemma, Gransha
Samantha, Newtownards
Elaine, Bangor
The unnamed postman, Bangor

October 2013
Sheila, Donaghadee
Marc, Newtownards

September 2013
Alice, Bangor
Stephen, Bangor

August 2013
Scott, Bangor

July 2013
Jordan, Newtownards
Carmel, Bangor
Chelsea, Bangor

June 2013
Kieron, Bangor
Conor, Bangor
Martin, Donaghadee

April 2013

Josh, Balloo

Rachel, Donaghadee

Rihanna, Holywood

Victoria, Donaghadee

Natasha, Bangor

Zara, Helen’s Bay


March 2013

Greg, Bangor


February 2013

Sean, Newtownards

Rory, Donaghadee

Kyle, Newtownards


Lauren, Carnalea

Phil, Bangor


January 2013

Sara, Donaghadee

Shane, Ballywalter

Aaron, Newtownards


December 2012

Stephen, Cultra

Kim, Bangor

Thomas, Cultra

Kaitlyn, Portavogie

Jessica, Newtownards


November 2012

David, Bangor

Bill, Bangor

Stephen, Bangor


October 2012

Alex, Bangor

Sergei, Portavogie


September 2012

Hanna, Bangor

Daryl, Newtownards

Craig, Bangor


August 2012

Ricky. Bangor



July 2012

Andrea, Bangor

Alan, Bangor

Amy. Portavogie

John, Donaghadee

Kathryn, Donaghadee


June 2012

Cathy, Bangor

Debra, Bangor

Scott, Bangor

Harry, Bangor

Colin, Bangor

Patrick, Bangor

Jeff, Donaghadee

Tori, Donaghadee


May 2012

Jamie, Bangor

Ryan, Bangor


April 2012

Katie, Donaghadee

Charlotte, Bangor


March 2012

Billy, Bangor

Kyle, Bangor

Michael, Cloughy
Ryan, Bangor
Kerri, Donaghadee
Connor, Donaghadee
Tim, Bangor
Victoria, Cultra
Terri, Bangor
Sophie, Bangor
Stuart, Bangor
Kyle, Donaghadee
Emmet, Bangor
Jenna, Bangor
Catherine, Bangor
Amy, Bangor
Caroline, Bangor
Angela, Newtownards
Stevie, Bangor
Rebecca, Bangor
Ryan, Donaghadee
Sam, Donaghadee
Kathryn, Donaghadee
Lauren, Newtownards
Curtis, Donaghadee
Amy, Donaghadee
Darren, Newtownards
Jason, Donaghadee
Alex, Bangor
Katie, Newtownards
Andrew, Bangor
Whitney, Donaghadee
Lisa, Donaghadee
Anna, Bangor
Claire, Newtownards
Orran, Bangor
Jade, Bangor
Chris, Bangor
Matthew, Helens Bay
Tara, Bangor
Connor, Bangor
Chloe, Carrowdore
Ben, Portavogie
Alice, Donaghadee
Katherine, Bangor
Ellie, Donaghadee
James, Bangor
Kim, Donaghadee
Adam, Helens Bay
Joel, Bangor
Megan, Bangor
Lj, Bangor
Ben, Cloughey
Moss, Newtownards
Laura, Helens Bay
Clare, Bangor
Jenny, Newtownards
Maeve, Donaghadee
Tom, Holywood
Gemma, Donaghadee
Jill, Bangor
Michael, Bangor
Ciara, Bangor
Ryan, Bangor
Bill, Bangor
Jamie, Bangor
Victoria, Helens Bay
Alex, Carrowdore
Pat, Bangor
Kirsty, Bangor
Erin, Donaghadee
Johneena, Ballywalter
James, Portavogie
Harry, Newtownards
Jessica, Donaghadee
Mitchel, Donaghadee
Sam, Bangor
Matthew, Bangor
Oliver, Donaghadee
Andy, Newtownards
Stefan, Bangor
Tyler, Conlig
Holly, Bangor
Elizabeth, Portavogie
Whitney, Newtownards
Johnny, Helens Bay
Dorota, Holywood
Rachel, Donaghadee
Darren, Donaghadee
Gavin, Donaghadee
Katrina, Bangor
Jessica, Newtownards
Grant, Newtownards
Chloe, Conlig
William, Donaghadee
Kevan, Portaferry
Emma, Helens bay
Ross, Donaghadee
Cathy, Bangor / Glasgow / France
Josh, Portavogie
Emma, Donaghadee
Mark, Holywood
Anthony, Newtownards
Adrienne, Carrowdore
Carly, Donaghadee
Kieran (Minty), Bangor
Michael, Lisbane
Joel, Donaghadee
Rory, Helens Bay
Ross, Cultra
Gareth, Holywood
Kerri, Donaghadee
Wilberta, Ballywalter
Sam, Donaghadee
Debra, Newtownards
Colin, Donaghadee
Linda, Donaghadee
Tanya, Donaghadee
Matthew, Donaghadee
Graham, Donaghadee
Paul, Donaghadee
Sarah Jane, Comber
Rachel, Donaghadee
Matthew, Cultra
Daniel, Donaghadee
Tom, Cultra
Scott, Bangor
Davy, Donaghadee
Tim, Helens Bay
Stephen, Bangor
Andrew, Comber
Gareth, Donaghadee
Carol, Bangor
Alicia, Newtownards
Eileen, Portavogie
Leslie, Donaghadee
Adam, Helens Bay
David, Newtownards
Garth, Donaghadee
Matthew, Donaghadee
Roxy, Bangor
Clare, Bangor
Shaun, Bangor
Sarah, Kircubben
Gary, Carrowdore
Colin, Newtownards
Clare, Bangor
Ryan, Bangor
James, Newtownards
Ryan, Ballywalter
Tom, Newtownards
Shane, Portaferry
Stuart, Groomsport
Aaron, Greyabbey
Daniel, Bangor
Tracey, Holywood
Leslie-Ann, Portavogie
Peter, Donaghadee
Craig, Bangor
Stephen, Ballywalter
Vicki, Newtownards
Florina, Portavogie
Richard, Bangor
Scott, Portavogie
Daryl, Portavogie
Craig, Holywood
Mark, Newtownards
John, Newtownards
Stephen, Millisle
Congratulations to each and every pupil so far that have passed their driving test.

Well Done !!!!!!


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